Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Annual Ganesh visarjan function, was celebrated on 11th Sept, 2016, at the Mysore Association, Mumbai !

                 Smt/Shridhar are performing Ganesh pooja !

                                             Gauri Ganesh 

                        Smt/Shri. Shridhar performing pooja

Vice president of MA, Shri. Narayan 
Dr. B.R.Manjunath sings a devotional song.
                                      Chi.Umesh and friends are preparing the prasad bags.
                                                               Section of the devotees..
                                         The blessed girls (Twins) sing the devaranamas
Smt. Kamala kantharaj is rendering a devaranama.
Shri. Padmanabha is  singing a number from karnatic music
Children singing devotional songs
many songs are sung in front of Lord Ganesh
Dr. Manjunath dances with emotions gained ecstasy  
                                                       Smt. Kamalaji is singing one more devotional song.
                                                         Chi. Sow. Raghavendra and Chi.Raghavendra
                                                                Ladies are performing pooja
                                                                Ladies are performing pooja

                           Sachin and co, were honored by the president of MA
                                                           Marada Baginada karyakrama.

Shri. Ranganath and Shri. taking the Ganesh idol to the vehicle for procession
Smt. Kamala Kantharaj
Dr. B.R.Manjunath
The Ganesh visarjan procession on the way (MA is seen in the back ground)

The immersion of Lord Ganesh
During the procession
MA Ganesha visarjan procession 
Mangalarathi to lord Ganesh/Gauri

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