Tuesday, October 20, 2015

'Navaratri Sharada pooja', at The Mysore Association, Mumbai !

On 18th, Sunday, October, 2015, 'Saraswati puja' was arranged at the 'The Mysore Association, Matunga, Mumbai-19'. Pooja started at 4-30 pm.  Association's  President, Smt. Kamala kantharaj, was present, among other senior members.  After pooja, 'Chukki Rangoli  demonstration exhibition' was organised at short notice. This Competition was meant  for all the children and elders as well ! Later on the terrace of MA, 'Dandiya dance program' was arranged. Finally, 'Priti Bhojan' was served.

The main entrance of The Mysore Association Hall !  Now, the painting work for the outer walls are being carried out...

                       'Sharada mata Arathi', is being  performed by the Shastriji

                                       Lady members chanting Lalitha Sahasranama
Section of  the Audience. Mostly women came in large numbers. Smt.Lakshmi sitaram, is observing the pooja function.
Our Association's very active children. (Arohi and Avarohi)
                    Dandiya is being performed, while some lady members are eagerly watching.
Dandiya dance is in full swing !
                     These two sisters are together while playing Dandiya as well.
                            Smt. Saroja venkatesh, and her friend are playing Dandiya

'Chikki Rangoli exhibition demonstration' :

Link : https://plus.google.com/photos/117225798684059542608/albums/6207522186573737409

Monday, October 12, 2015

An Interview with Dr. Narayana Balasubrahmanian !

Dr. Narayan Balasubrahmanian,  is known to Mumbai Textile processing organisations as a mobile encyclopedia.  Even for that matter, any  problem in textiles he is able to offer some solutions off hand, without going too  much details about it.  That is the prowess on the subject, which  he took very dearer to his heart all these years. While working at BTRA, as a deputy Director, he conducted many studies in and around the metropolis of Mumbai, and there was hardly any year where his research papers  were not seen in the combined BTRA/SITRA Technological conferences, organised  annually. 

(Later NITRA  was added) His papers were published in TRA, TRi, Textile progress, BTRA Scan, JTI, ITJ, of international repute. 

When CTRL got OE-SPINNING MACHINE, by  THE MESSRS. RIETER MACHINE WORKS, several reputed textile mills personnel came to see the working performance, so that they can also install  OE machines on a  big scale. 

Dr. Balasubrahmanian,  had come along with Messrs. Bombay dyeing and manufacturing co;

I happened to know him mainly by studying  his research papers, in various journals  and  used to  meet during  sessions  conducted  by the research associations.  Later, I came very close when I approached  him to write a foreword for  my publication,  'MY SPIN LAB',  published in the year 2005, by the Chandra publications, USA. On 11th, May,  2016 he telephoned me to enquire one book of reference (Journal of the Textile institute (Manchester, 1925)  would be available in CIRCOT  library. That  is the zest and  enthusiasm of knowing things, at his ripe  age  of 80 years.

Some excerpts of the Interview :

HRLV  :  Good afternoon Sir.  When did you come from Bengaluru ?

Dr. N.B :

Please come. I came yesterday evening flight. I was staying with my son at Bengaluru for one month. 

In 1953, I completed my B.Sc., degree from Madras University, Later, In 1955, B.Sc(Tech), Textile Technology, Madras University,  1961, M.Sc., Textile Physics, Mumbai University  1964,  Ph.D., Textile Technology, Leeds University,A.T.I., (Associate membership from the Textile Institute, Manchester)  In 1970,  F.T.I., (Hon Fellow of Textile Institute, Manchester) from,  Textile Institute, Manchester,
When did you retire from BTRA ?

N. Balasubramanian :  In 2000,Retired as Joint Director of Bombay Textile Research Association. I have total of  50 years experience in Research and Development field in Textile processing. I worked as a Consultant to leading Textile Mills and Non woven units. Research Guide for M.Sc., and Ph.D., Of Bombay University.

HRLVenkatesh  :  Sir, Please tell your childhood days, about your parents, and the family background.

N.Balasubramanian : 

I was born in No 1, Lakshmipuram, Royapettah,Madras ( now Chennai) on 10, January, 1935. My father's  name is N.Narayanan, who retired as Assistant Examiner of Local Fund Audit in Madras Corporation, My mother's name is Sounderambal. I studied in P.S.High School, Mylapore, Madras and stood first in my section. I did intermediate and B.Sc (physics in Government Arts college, Madras Stood first in college. I did B.Sc (Tech) in Textile Technology in A.C. College of technology, Guindy, Madras and stood 2nd.

HRLVenkatesh :  After degree course, you straight away came to Bombay ?

Dr. N.Balasubramanian :  No After working in Meenakshi mills in Madurai for 7 months both in Spinning and Weaving Departments. Later,  I joined Technological Laboraatoryin 1956, as Research scholar, He was promoted as Jr. Research Officer in March, 1958. During 1958-60 he completed the Part-I and part -II of ATI examinations.  Adenwala Road, Matunga, Bombay and worked for about 6 years and went to Leeds University, U.K. to do Ph.D. under Commonwealth scholarship. I got married in 1962, My wife was also with me in Leeds. After completing Ph.D.

HRLVenkatesh :  Did you work in any textile mills there at Manchester ?
Dr. N.Balasubramanian :  No. I returned to Bombay and joined BTRA in 1965 and worked there upto 1995. During my service in BTRA I did R &D work and technical consultancy in Textiles and Non-wovens. I had also guided about 8 students for M.Text. and 4 - 5 for Ph.D.   After retirement I am providing Technical Consultancy to leading Textile Mills and Non woven units in India. I am also writing articles in Journals and am Referee for some leading journals for whetting out articles for publications.

During my service in BTRA I did R &D work and technical consultancy in Textiles and Non wovens.

* I had also guided about 8 students for M.Text. and 4 - 5 for Ph.D.

* I am providing Technical Consultancy to leading Textile Mills and Nonwoven units in India.

* I am also writing articles in Journals and am Referee for some leading journals for whetting out articles for publications.

References : Wikipedia article (Kannada)


Dr. N.Balasubrahmanian affectionately remembers his beloved  wife, Smt. Jamuna  balasubrahmanian who attained heavenly abode  and   left him 6 years ago.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ganesh visarjan mahotsav, (2015) at The Mysore Association, Matunga, Mumbai !

Ganesh pooja, was performed by Smt.Mangala radhakrishnan, and Shri. Radhakrishnan couple
 The Vadiyars of Shankar mutt, are rendering Veda manthras
 Sr. Members of My. Association
                                   Lady members are singing bhajan
 This young girl artist, Jiya, is engaging in Bharatha natyam
                                                     The section of the audience
                                                          Vidushi Shyamala radhesh and ..
                   This girl gave a brilliant dancing performance
                                      Devotional songs sung by Aditya
                              Presents are distributed to the participants. Jiy, and Aditya
                                       Sr. Ladies are blessed by lord Ganesh
   Dr. B.R.Manjunath is one of the highly devoted Shraddhalus of Ganesh. He has gone to the level
   of ecstasy, and dancing with reverence !
Manjunath is rendering Nrutya seva to Lord Ganesha
All the devotees are immersed in Bhakti bhava while performing Bhajan
   Dr.Manjunath rendering bhajan. Among the devotees most of them are Women devotees

                                                    Newly wedded couple are blessed
Padmanabha, Rendering Ganapathy vandana
                               After Pooja vidhi vidhan, Ganesh murthy is taken to the van
                                 Ganesh murthy is leaving to Dadar Chaupati beach
 Van is getting ready for the procession
                  At  King's circle one Arathi was performed before going on a procession

                             Ganesh visarjan vidhi ke liye       Before Ganesh visarjan
                                 गणपति बाप्पा मोरया ; पुढची वर्षी लवकर या ।

The Mysore Association, Bhaudaji Rd, Matunga, Mumbai-400019,  2015 Season : 



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

M.S. Subbulakshmi birth centenary celebrations launched !

Maharashtra Governor C. V. Rao launched the birth centenary celebrations of legendary vocalist and classical singer M.S. Subbulakshmi at a function here late on Sunday night. The Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeetha Sabha Preident V. Shankar said it has also set up a ‘Sri Shanmukhananda Bharat Ratna M. S. Subbulakshmi Sangeetha Pracharya Award’ to honour outstanding music teachers from across the country. The Shanmukhananda Sabha has organised a four-day music festival in Subbulakshmi’s memory which will end here on Wednesday, said a Sabha coordinator, K. A. Vishwanathan.

Link : http://www.ibnlive.com/news/music/birth-centenary-celebrations-of-m-s-subbulakshmi-begin-in-mumbai-1096693.html

A century of M.S Subbulakshmi: Celebrating the legacy of music and memories


M.S.Subbulakshmi: From music to movies


Mysore Association, Mumbai, celebrates, Shri. Swarna Gowri & Shree Mahaganapathi Pooja Mahotsava !

                         Shri ManmathaNama Samvatsara Shalivahana Shake 1937 (2015)
                      Shri Svarna Gauri Pratishtapana & Pooja. On Wednesday, 16-09-2015,
                            Sunday, 20th Sept, 2015,Pooja, Mangalarathi
             At 12 Noon, Procession of Shri Svarna Gauri  & Shri. Ganapathi to Dadar Beach for
                                                      Immersion.Prasada viniyoga.