Monday, May 17, 2010

'Akshay Trutiya,' was celebrated at 'The Mysore Association' !

'Akshay Trutiya,' is the regular annual event performed, at 'The Mysore Association, Matunga, Mumbai,' on 16th, May, 2010, evening at 6-45 PM.'Ganesh Pooja' was performed by Smt/Shri. Raghu.  

All  the members were present in the evening. After the Pooja, ' Upahar '  was arranged over the Terrace of the Building.

'The Ganapathi idol' of 'The Mysore association',  Mumbai, was made to order by 'the famous Gudikaras of Karnataka '!
'Ganesha bhajan,'  is being performed by the members of the Mysore Association..
All the members are watching the Arathi, being performed by Shri. Hanuman Shastriji...

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